Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boo to Google AdSense

I'm going to take a moment today to write an editorial about Blogger, the system that I, like thousands of other bloggers, use regularly.  I will predicate this blog with the statement that there is a massive amount about blogging and the internet universe that I either a. do not know, or b. don't know and do not care to know.  This, however, falls under a.

At the time I started blogging, I did so to express my feelings in a private blog about the challenges my family faced regarding raising a child with attachment disorder, as well as one of my well-known passions: Law and Order: Criminal Intent.  If you're interested, you can read the entries at (See?  I don't even know how to do there "here" thing that sends you to the site).  But I didn't let that stop me.  My next blog was a long piece of fiction that I have shared with very few people.  No problem!

Then we moved and I found myself unemployed and one day it hit me--why not do a blog?  It might help bring in a little money to help my family and I have a plethora of ideas of what to write regarding my profession.  Being unemployed at the time, I also didn't have to worry that I would write something so controversial as to face a problem at work.

At first, my plan worked out well!  I never "raked in the bucks" but I did make a small bit of money.  Then I started noticing that I wasn't making money at all.  So I went back and began reading the blogger site setups over again the other day.  This is what I found--blogger no longer places ads on my site for free.  I have to pay to create an ad to go on other sites, which will lead people to my site.  Apparently, if a person clicks on my link, a get paid a penny.  So say I pay Google AdSense ten bucks a month for my ad to be put on other people's blogs.  A thousand people would have to hit my ad in any given month for me to recoup my ten bucks.

I really wish that I believed ten thousand people would be interested in what I write, but alas, I'm not that full of myself.  So for now, I will write for free.  The reason I write is because of what I believe--making a better world for children and families, and giving people who work and live with children the education and assistance they need to do their jobs well.

So yes, I will continue to write.  But shame on you, Google.

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